Raised Naturally
Coolwater Farms LLC yellow perch are raised in a natural pond environment on a small farm located in eastern Dane County, Wisconsin. We have complete control, from fry to fillet, which assures you a consistent and quality product. Absolutely no antibiotics are used in production of our yellow perch.

Cool Clear Ponds
Our outdoor ponds are fed with cool, clear ground water from a well located on our farm that is over 800’ deep. By raising our fish in this natural outdoor environment, our fish do not contain the elevated levels of PCBs, mercury, chemicals or other pollutants that exist in many of the Great Lakes region waters.

Quality Feeds
We use only the best quality feeds for our yellow perch. Because our fish are raised in outdoor ponds, they have access to a variety of natural fish foods, and do not experience the high stress levels often associated with high-density, feedlot operations
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